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We start each repair service with diagnostics – both computer and mechanical. Thanks to the extensive experience in the repair of premium class cars and sports vehicles, we are able to diagnose faults efficiently and select the most effective ways to repair them.


Suspension, responsible for proper steering and shock absorption of the vehicle, is one of the most complex mechanisms of the car, it is also one of the main factors affecting the comfort and safety of driving. The combined system of many components is at the same time considered to be the most vulnerable to mechanical damage, caused by poor surface condition and intensive exploitation.

The scope of the suspension repairs:

  • replacement of shock absorbers, springs, shock absorber cushions,
  • replacement of suspension arms, metal-rubber bushes, pins,
  • replacement of stabilizers and stabilizer bars,
  • replacement of steering rods and their endings,
  • replacement of steering gears (without regeneration).


Their efficiency determines not only our safety, but also other road users. The efficiency of the braking system and regular replacement of worn-out components are the basis of comfortable and safe driving.

As part of the brakes system repairs, we offer:

  • replacement of brake discs and pads,
  • replacement of brake fluid and brake pipes,
  • regeneration of brake calipers,
  • diagnostics of ABS and ESP systems.


Undoubtedly the most important part of the vehicle. Regardless of the brand, age and problem – car engines are our speciality.

As part of repairs of drive units, we offer, among others:

  • engine overhaul,
  • repair of the forced induction system of the drive unit,
  • repair of exhaust and intake systems,
  • sealing of the engine,
  • timing system adjustment and replacement,
  • repair of the cooling system.


Drive train

The transfer of power from the engine to asphalt is, undoubtedly, the demanding task of the drive train. The system itself is composed of many elements, such as: clutch, gearbox, half-shafts, differential. Many components of the system are subject to periodic replacement, especially when the vehicle is used for sports purposes.

As part of repairs of the drive system, we offer, among others:

  • repair of gearboxes,
  • replacement of clutches,
  • half-shafts replacement,
  • replacement of differentials.

Air conditioning

It is hard to imagine everyday driving without air conditioning. In addition to taking care of our comfort, it has another function – it dries the air preventing the windows from evaporating. In order for it to work efficiently, it did not cause a bad smell and was not a source of dangerous fungi and bacteria, it is necessary for its regular maintenance.

As part of the air conditioning service, we offer, among others:

  • air conditioning system diagnostics,
  • replacement of compressors,
  • repair of air conditioning systems,
  • replacement of cabin filters,
  • ozonation and fumigation,
  • replacement and supplementation of the refrigerant.

Wheel alignment

Properly set convergence affects the even wear of the tires and the correct car steering. Well-chosen wheel geometry means that the car brakes, accelerates and turns better, which has a significant impact on achieving time results on tracks and provides pleasure and confidence in everyday driving. We deal with setting the geometry of passenger cars as well as sports cars.

As part of the wheel alignment, we offer:

  • setup of axiality, convergence and wheel’s angles of inclination,
  • we choose the height, balance and mass distribution,
  • geometry setting for cars with wheel sizes up to 25”.

Technical inspections

Inspections are performed periodically as part of routine inspection of the technical condition of the car or dictated by the current need. Conducted reliably guarantee impeccable technical efficiency of the vehicle, safety and no hidden defects.

At ALDA Motorsport we carry out inspections:

  • pre-purchase,
  • after-purchase,
  • periodic,
  • after-warranty.


ALDA Motorsport is a titled racing team. Andrzej Dziurka – our leading driver, is an eight-time Polish Racing Champion. We provide comprehensive support for racing cars from the very construction of a vehicle, preparing it for sports, to full service and logistics during the competition.

Car preparation:

  • comprehensive car construction: installation of a safety cage, safety equipment, modification of engines, gearboxes, brakes and suspension,
  • inspections before and after competitions, set-up settings.

Car service:

  • during sports events, tests, competitions,
  • car transport.


We specialize in the restoration of Youngtimers. Thanks to commitment, patience and passion, the effects we achieve exceed many times the factory’s standard of finishing the vehicle. We consider the Ferrari 348TB project marked with the serial number 00004 to be the newest showcase of our renovation department. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the photogallery of the project, which cost us a total of about 10,000 and more than 1,300 hours of work. Our Ferrari, during certification in Germany, was recognized by Dekra specialists – who complimented the quality of the work carried out.

The scope of works:

  • body renovation: tinsmithing, varnishing, sand- and soda blasting,
  • renovation of engines, gearboxes, braking and suspension systems,
  • renovation of car upholstery.


We have a closed car trailer of the renowned brand – Brian James Trailer (model Race Transporter 6), which can transport cars with the following dimensions:

  • up to 6 m in length,
  • 2.35 m wide,
  • 1.99 m high and weighing up to 2100 kg.

We can transport cars with a very low ground clearence, even of 60 mm.

Thanks to the carriage we have, we offer door to door services – which is a great solution for cars with a significant collector’s value and a way to save the time of the owner of the vehicle.

About us

Welcome motoring enthusiasts, race drivers. ALDA Motorsport is a family project, born of passion. We are a car service specializing in premium brands, youngtimers renovation and servicing racing cars.

Team ALDA Motorsport has over 40 years of experience in motorsport, an area that allowed us to acquire comprehensive knowledge of car mechanics. The speed of repair and the impeccable technical condition of the vehicle are of exceptional importance in motosports. Today, we put all our experience into your hands, offering high-class services provided in a family-friendly atmosphere.

List of our most important racing achievements, in chronological order:

1981 – Polish Racing Champion (Fiat 126p),
1995 –Polish Rallycross Champion,
1995 – 99 – start in the Corrida da Guia race on the streets of Macau,
1996 – 2000 – uninterrupted title of the Polish Supertouring Car Champion,
2000 – start in the Euro STC category promoted by the Eurosport channel, seventh place in the team classification for ALDA Motorsport,
2001 – start in the Paris-Dakar Rally,
2002 – debut in the FIA GT Championship,
2005 – Polish Racing Champion in long-distance races.

The mission of ALDA Motorsport brand

The key idea of ALDA Motorsport is to provide the highest quality services at a bargain price, in an atmosphere of trust, commitment and personal approach to the customer. We tackle each entrusted car individually, we undertake even the most difficult and time-consuming cases, which distinguishes our brand from the competitors

We invite you to cooperation and use of our services.
Piotr and Andrzej Dziurka








Our workshop

Since 2017, the company’s office is again located in Sławków – the cradle where it began its activity in the 80’s. We have a service hall with an area of 200 m2, ready to take on any challenge.

Sławków is located close to the road 94 (Kraków-Katowice), about 30 minutes from Katowice.

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    ul. Dębowa Góra 27
    41-260 Sławków

    T: +48 690 690 911

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